Bike Aways

In the Foot steps of the Immortals

Biking through China is definitely one way of getting closer to the culture in a very authentic way.
There is an intimacy with the landscape that is impossible from an enclosed car on busier and wider roads. Walking  is more intimate again, but the speed of a bike means you filter more of the hum drum , and stop when soothing of interest arises. Experiences are spontaneous! An opera  by the road side. A festival. A shaman healing a farmer with an egg. Segueway to our newest line of trips –  Traditional Chinese Medicine exploratories in China.


Massage, accupiuncture, tai Chi, qi gong, tui na, gua sha, herbs, fengshui and a dao inspired diet are just a few  aspects of China which may be of interest to bike riders. In 2017 – we will begin incorporating traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) experiences into Bike Aways Bike Rides.

This week we will start researching the Tai Chi Ride in Yangshuo – seeking to add  add tai Chin in auspicious places all on a bike ride.