Bike Aways

Bajiaozhai to Pingan 6 day cycle and hike

Stunning cycling on quiet country roads (supported); Bajiao Zhai Pink Danxia Karst forms; Yantai temple in the clouds; Colourful minority markets in Chetian and Longsheng; Outdoor bathing in Longsheng Natural Hot Springs; The famous Longji Rice Terraces; Yao, Miao and Dong minority villages, charming homestays; Guilin noodles and delicious rice wine.

Cost: RMB 4500 (min 5 people)

Day 1Guilin to  Bajiaozhai National Park

Famed for its pink sandstone “Danxia” karst formations, Bajiaozhai consists of eight sprawling ‘dragonhead’ peaks straddling the Hunan Guangxi border.  We transfer from Guilin Airport directly to the park and stay the night with a local  family who will prepare a rustic and hearty peasant dinner.  Please time your flight to arrive in Guilin by 3 pm  as its a four hour drive to bajiaozhai.


Day 2 –  Chetian

Morning hike to Yantai Buddhist Temple on the highest peak top for stunning views over the mountains.  Our ride to Chetian starts with a transfer to the top of a mountain range for  more spectacular views through saw-tooth mountain ranges followed by a long and winding descent.   Forested ravines, traditional wooden Miao villages atop steeply terraced rice terraces, are a slice of old China elsewhere disappeared. Our lunch at a small school house is as entertaining for the school kids as it is for us

Minority tribes living in the hills all come to Chetian to trade in the local market.  Our guesthouse is 5 km beyond this bustling market town Chetian Town, by a small stream in a secluded valley that boasts spectacular rock formations. Take a walk to a nearby waterfall,and cool off in the rock pools that have formed below it.

Cycle: 30 km, sealed roads, little traffic.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Day 3 – Longsheng Hot Springs

Today’s ride is spectacular. Starting with a 4 km climb, the rest of the day is all descent, with plenty of time to visit the fascinating Dong, Miao and Yao minority villages along the way.  These villages see few tourists, and locals are proud to show off their traditional homes.  Longsheng Hot Springs is a great finish to the day, the warm spring water baths perfect for relaxing your muscles.  Our small family run guesthouse is in a narrow gorge with its own outdoor hot spring.  There’s a great hike along the gorge to a local Miao village for those that need more action.

Cycle: 42 Km’s. Sealed road, little traffic.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Day 4 – Ping’an

En route to the famous Longji Rice Terraces, we pass through the county capital, Longsheng, with one of our favourite markets in all of China. Strange and exotic products from the mountains, tools, bamboo work and cloth of the many minority tribes are just some of the colourful and fascinating wares for sale. Make sure you have a camera on hand.

Todays terrain is flat or undulating but with a challenging 6 km climb to the Longji Rice Terraces at the end. We arrive in Ping’an, a village right in the middle of the rice fields enjoy the sun setting over the cascading rice terraces in a traditionally built Zhuang guesthouse. Cold beers make the view that much sweeter. Keyin and Lily, always make us feel at home and may offer up their home made sweet rice wine!

Cycle: 67 Km’s.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Day 5
 –  Ping’an

Hike to Naiwan village which will take you through villages only accessible by foot and through some of the most beautiful scenery in the area.  Return to Ping’an for sunset and  enjoy a beer while waiting for the light perfect light to hit the ziggurat like terraces.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Day 6 –  Departure day

Depart anytime today.
Our itinerary finishes in Ping’an as there are many options to continue your journey  from here. Its about two and a half hours by private transfer from Pingan to Guilin, and costs approximately 500 RMB.  For those wanting to continue travelling, consider our two day extension ride to  Guilin, or a journey into the land of the Dong people in Chenyang.
Your guide will help steer you in the right direction.


•Bikes, helmets and spare parts

•5 night accommodation

•4 Breakfast, 5 lunches and 5 dinners

•Water, tea and coffee and fruit during cycling.

•Private transfer from Guilin airport to Bajiaozhai national park

•Bikes and luggage transfer.

•Support van for luggage and which can assist a few passengers plus bikes but not whole group.

•Extra support van to transfer the group from Bajiaozhai to top of first mountain on Day 2

•Professional cycling guide for 5 days.

•Entry tickets to Longji Rice terraces and Bajiaozhai national park.