Bike Aways

Hong Kong to Shenzhen North Station

  1. Get on MTR to Kowloon Tong , follow directions to  KCR.  Catch KCR to  Lok ma Chau ( not Lowu). double check this when you are on train.  Its very important that you are not on the train to Lo Wu.
  2. Check again  that  you are on the train to Lok Ma Chau – to lo Wu! This train takes 46 minutes from Kowloon Tong once you are on it.  You may need to wait ten minutes for a train so leave an hour.
  3. Get inside the front most carriage so you  can get to the head of immigration queue ( Hopefully you are HK residents and can blip through ) – otherwise you want to leave half an hour to pass through immigration – longer in peak hours..
  4.  You will need to fill in China entry cards (Bring a pen so you can fill it in while you queue)
  5. Cross the  bridge to China immigration. If Foreigners line is too long, try it on in the Diplomatic Line – but  try and keep a stake in the normal queue if you can work it out between the two of you. – ask someone to save your spot maybe.
  6.  Head down the escalator  –  ignore the taxi drivers- subway is by far the quickest way to Shenzhen North. Subway stop is down the bottom of the escalator to the left.
  7. You need 4 RMB each to buy your  subway tokens which you can only get from a machine ( and you can only use ten or five yuan notes – make sure you get these denominations in Hong Kong in advance.. there is no change machine). Look for line 4 on the Machine and count nine stations along till you find these characters  深圳北站 – Shenzhen North Station pronounced  Shenzhen Bei Zhan
  8. swipe you’re magnetic tokens and go down escalator –   jump on train – its about 40 minutes to shenzhen north station.
  9.  Count off your stops
  10. Exit train at 深圳北站  – give token back to machine, and go down the escalator to ground level, ignoring any signs that say otherwise, have your passport in hand  and  go into the station through security check.
  11. Ticket pick up is on your right as you go in. This can be crowded. If there are two of you get in two different queues. Make sure you have screen shotted this on your phone.  Or have written it down ( in case your phone is flat)
  12. Last time I caught a train with an e-ticket – I didn’t need a  paper ticket – the e ticket number and a passport was enough.  This is uncertain and inconsistent however so leave enough time to pick up your ticket.  I am really not sure if this works for Ctrip issued tickets.
  13. Check the board for which gate you’re train is leaving from and try and be there twenty minutes before. ten might be OK but aim for twenty.