Bike Aways

The Yangshuo Bike Festival OCT 31 – Nov 2

Celebrate bikes and  travel on two wheels in the world’s most stunning landscape – Yangshuo!

“Yangshuo is not the same as it used to be. It’s so touristy!”

If I had a Yuan for every person  who says this when you mention Yangshuo – I would have about 75 Yuan.

Seriously – Yangshuo is better than ever with more things to do, plus fantastic  cycling routes that get you much deeper into the countryside than ever before. You just need to know where to go – or join a festival  on wheels that will flip your consciousness about the endless possibilities in this incredible landscape.

Teaming up with Bike Asia, and other eco and adventure oriented sponsors –  we have mapped out the bones of a fabulous family friendly ride – that will spin you right back to  the uncrowded country ways that everyone remembers so fondly when they reminisce  about Yangshuo.  Our festival ride starts in Xing Ping  following countryside lanes  as well as some bigger roads to a secret  camping ground ringed with limestone karsts where  live bands, and other festival flavoured entertainment will bring you right back into the grass roots beauty of  this Tolkienesque landscape.

Yangshuo itself  has always been a party town – and is the perfect place to finish our two day festival ride – where you will  then appreciate the pizzas,  the mango shakes,  lemon chicken and  other western treats – that  are suddenly just the ticket after cycling deep into the Chinese countryside.
Local businesses will be invited to put it on for festival-goers with more bands  and events that will help  you to see cycling and China in a more inspired way.

Yangshuo Bike Festival

Yangshuo Bike Festival  Ride – cycle the back roads to discover the Yangshuo that everyone thinks has disappeared.

We have the bikes, we have the bands, we have the route and we have the campsite.
Bookings will be limited to 100 riders with an early bird special of 1990 RMB  for bookings received before September 15th.

Details are being uploaded to as they take shape

Book now to reserve your space – or send us an email to receive event details as they unfold.