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Designed as a weekend getaway for city workers this trip departs Xiamen Airport at 7.30 pm on Friday night and drops off back at  Xiamen airport at 6pm on Sunday night.

Join Bike Aways on a connoisseurs’ cycle through Fujian’s famed tea fields and Tulou Roundhouses.

Upcoming trips 2017
September 15-17
October 13-15
November 10-12
Private bookings welcome.

Cost: RMB 3380
Minimum 6 persons,  Maximum 16 persons,  Average number 8



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Tea & Tulou Eco-Cycle Weekend Getaway

Mistaken in 1980’s satellite photos for missile silos, Fujian’s Tulou turned out to be far more interesting: multi-storied, fengshui-alligned, rammed earth fortresses built from the 13th Century onward to protect the “newly” arrived Hakka Clan’s and their rich culture. 46 Tulou scattered across Southern Fujian are now UNESCO listed World Cultural Heritage gems, best appreciated on a bike, with plenty of tea. This is a real eco-tour; if coming from Hong Kong, you may opt for the new 3.5 hour new bullet train from Shenzhen, or meet at Xiamen Airport on the Friday night. Then push bike the rest. There are hills, hedged with seasonal crops, most famously Fujians Iron Goddess tea bushes that provide us our happy excuse to stop and taste both the landscape and Tulou-hospitality, in a teacup! Brewed with ceremony (kung-fu styled), Oolong teas are the Pocari Sweat of this eco-ride – served up with Fujian folklore, tea-processing know-how and the basics of tea-palate education.
You will support heritage conservation by staying in two lesser known Tulou. Tea lovers and non-hardcore cyclists are encouraged to join. There are some challenging hills but the cycling is not rushed. In total you will cycle approximately 75 km kilometers of both beautifully paved country back roads, and tiny village pathways (some less than beautifully paved, but providing intimate access to the tulou villages and fields).
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Friday      Meet at Xiamen Airport at 7.30 pm and transfer 3 hours to Guesthouse in the tulou.
Saturday   Full day cycle from the Yongding Tulou to our Tulou homestay in the Nanjing tea fields.
Sunday     Three quarter day cycle (till 3.30pm), tea culture activities – mostly drinking it with friendly locals but also exploring random home tea factories before transferring to Xiamen Airport for 6 pm airport check in’s.

Included: All meals (including rare Hakka dishes like Tulou-Chicken), twin-share accommodation (single supplement available for  RMB 150 per night), mountain bike, helmet, two days supported cycling, luggage transfer and vehicle transfers onward to Xiamen Airport/ train station.

Departing from Hong Kong
Flights are roughly 1 hour from Hong Kong to Xiamen. Flight KA 604 departing at 5.45 pm is perfect for those joining straight from work on Friday afternoon. For the eco-minded with a little more time, the bullet train takes just 3.5 hours from Shenzhen North Station.

Departing Shanghai
The new bullet speed D-Trains take about 8 hours from Shanghai to Xiamen. There are seven direct flights on a Friday – China Eastern MU 5563 the most convenient for the 7.30 pm meet up.

Departing Beijing
There are more than 17 flights a day. The 24 hour train ride is truly for afficiandos.

Return options:
The Tea and Tulou Eco Cycle trip finishes at Xiamen Airport at 6pm Sunday night to connect with flights back to all major cities (Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai).  Please check ticket availability for your return before you book. Drop offs for the the bullet train back to Shenzhen  can be made at at 5.15 pm

 Contact to reserve your place.