Bike Aways

Loi Krathong Festival of Light Bike Ride (Thailand)

Thousands of jelly fish like lanterns float above Doi Suthep Temple – the iconic hill top temple of Chiangmai -Thailands Rose of the North on this spectacular annual festival. Locals say its their favourite festival of the whole year and being on a bike is a top way to soak in the ambience.

Doi Suthep is an auspicious place to start a bike ride – and we will yransgfer directly from the airport to our hill top lodgings ready to start our  day with a big long winding  down hill.

Our early morning ride  takes us  down past many temples  where locals come to give alms to the monks.  Its a sight to behold – and the monks will graciousy receive any food offerings you bring. The monk action will be intense around this auspicious holiday.

We cut through the beautiful topic gardens of Chiang Mai university, where Students  making a name for themselves as the creative Northern Sparks – art galleries and cool cafes and bars are scattered with frequency throughout this area.  On our  ride to breakfast we stop at the little known Wat Umong  with its mysterious  underground tunnels. its a perfect place for a little meditation before  breakfast.

Day 1 Arrive  and transfer to Doi Suthep
Day 2 Doisuthep Wats and backroads, temples, dog sanctuary , lanterns Chiang Mai
Day 3 Ride to Hmong Dinner




is a back roads ride which captures the quiet gentle country rhythms of the North… a little like  Chiang Mai Central  was twenty years ago.